Horse Racing Betting Online In Africa


Did you know that horse racing traces a rich and colourful history in Africa? It may not rival the attention showered on soccer and athletics, but horse races also dominate the conversations of local sports fans and enthusiasts. First introduced in the 1700s, horse racing has grown into an exciting spectator sport. You can now find several world-class racecourses in the region, with the best ones located in South Africa. Its popularity has even spilt to horse race betting that’s backed by several established sports betting sites. If you’re planning to bet on horses online, you can do so thanks to the betting services offered by top bookmakers in Africa.

The Best Bookmakers For Horse Race Betting In Africa

When you register a sports betting online platform and set an account in one of these African horse racing betting sites, you’ll enjoy a world of opportunities including:

  • Horse Racing Betting Real Money Online AfricaLucrative promotions and bonuses. The best horse race betting sites 2020 in Africa are always competing for punters’ attention. To encourage new players to sign up and bet horses online, they usually offer lucrative promotions, free bets, and bonuses. Some of the popular promotions here the welcome offer, cashback, boosted odds, and free bets.
  • Safe and secure betting environments. Betting on horse racing in Africa is now possible across devices. And you can complete your bets safely and securely thanks to the sites’ commitment to security. All sportsbooks that are included on our list are fully encrypted, licensed, and comply with strict industry requirements.
  • Competitive odds. By signing up for an account in a premium sportsbook, you can access competitive horse racing odds. Just like in other sports, betting odds for horse races tell you the likelihood of an event happening and potential payout. With competitive odds, you can easily identify value bets.
  • In-play and pre-match betting. There are two ways on how to enjoy online horse racing betting- submit the bets before the race or during the race. Whether you prefer in-play or the common pre-match betting, our picks for the best online bookmakers horse racing sites can deliver.
  • 24/7 professional support. Professional support is a requirement when you want to fully maximize horse racing online. You want a sportsbook that provides professional support in real-time using a variety of contact channels.

Common Horse Racing Bets and Other Tips

Horse racing betting online offers you a wide range of bets to play. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced punter, you can easily find the right types of bets that can fit your lifestyle. Listed below are some of the popular online horse racing bets you can play in our recommended sportsbooks:

  • Win. You pick the runner that will end up first in the race.
  • Place. In this type of wager, you’ll pick the winner of the race. You can collect a payout provided that this runner ends up first, second, or third.
  • Each Way. This type of bet combines the features of the place and win bets. This is essentially two separate bets- one for your pick to win, and the other for your horse to place in the top three. In short, you can collect a dividend if it wins or just places in the race.
  • Quinella. This is a type of bet where you choose the two horses that will end up first and second. We recommend this bet for experienced punters who have a solid understanding of the runners and their previous records.

Aside from these popular single bets, you can also place multi-race betting options. As the name suggests, these are the bets that are not just applicable to a single race but on multiple races. Two of the popular wagers available horse racing betting sites are daily double and the running double. In the daily double, you select the horses that will win two nominated horse races at the same race meeting. The running double, on the other hand, challenges you to pick the two consecutive winners during the same horse race meeting.

To improve your online horse racing betting experience, it’s also recommended to check and compare the betting odds. As mentioned, the online horse racing odds tell you two important things. One, it explains the likelihood of an event happening. And two, it tells you the potential payout given the wager you have submitted. For example, some African horse racing betting sites may list the odds at for a runner at 7-2 instead of the usual decimals. With this format, an investment of $2 will net a profit of $7. In short, your total payout is $9 if you’re correct in your prediction. Since you can easily compute for the net and potential payout, it’s recommended that you always check and compare the odds before you bet on horses online.

Why Bet Horses Online In Africa?

Online horse racing betting is completely legal and allowed in many countries in Africa. To stay safe, you can use our list of horse racing betting sites for African punters. With your account in these horse racing Africa sites, you can enjoy several benefits. You can enjoy convenience and flexibility since you can bet on horse racing in Africa from anywhere, anytime. Also, you can place your bet on horses online across devices. It’s possible to place your bets on live horse racing in Africa using your desktop or your device that runs on iOS or Android. Furthermore, the leading Africa horse racing sites reward you with bonuses and free bets which are normally not given by retail bookies. Finally, these sites also offer Africa horse racing tips and predictions which you can use when you bet on horses online.

If you’re ready to bet on horses online, check our complete list of online bookmakers horse racing sites today!

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