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Poker is an intense skill-based card game that requires a good amount of practice, thinking, and decision-making skills. Poker is an umbrella term that includes any number of card games in which players can place bets over a hand based on a set of rules related to that specific game.

Poker games can vary according to the configuration of the deck, the number of cards used during a game, whether the cards are dealt facing upwards or downwards, and the number of cards shared by all players. One thing that is common across all types of poker games is their rules of placing bets in one round or multiple rounds of betting.

Since poker is a game that requires dedication and skill, most players who are new to the game often have a tough time grappling with various rules, tricks, and information while initially playing the poker online casino.

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What is Online Casino Poker

Online Poker At Casinos In AfricaOnline casino poker has become rather popular over the years among people of all ages. The introduction of online casinos has made it possible for players to play poker online as it is easily accessible from any corner of the world as long as you have a smartphone, laptop or tablet. Coupled up with a decent internet connection,  you are good to go.

It is rather easy to learn how to play poker, however mastering it requires a special talent, dedication, and ambition. You cannot become an expert overnight. Online poker is a great place to start for beginners. Unlike real Casinos where a beginner would encounter pro-players and would have a tough time trying to get out of there alive, online poker offers you a non-intimidating space where you could learn how to play poker.

Instead of directly going and playing with real money first at online casinos, you also have the option of practising a couple of games on practice sites or by playing free poker games. Doing this enables beginners to understand the basic set of rules of the games, pick up tips and tricks, and learn how to strategize during a game.

Several real money poker sites are available for African citizens. Each site offers its users safe and secure methods of banking, welcome bonuses, a plethora of offers and promos, and a variety of games to choose from. You can take part in tournaments, play quick sit and go games or take a seat at cash tables.

Legal Issues

According to African laws, the only form of legal online gambling is online betting. Even though online poker is not legal in Africa, there are many online poker sites from different countries that offer African players to play poker tournaments and games with real money. The best practice while using online poker sites for gambling, would be to use e-wallets such as Skrill, Neteller, or Ecopayz for payments. Since African banks monitor debit cards and internet banking, you would not be able to use these payment methods.

It is also advisable to always do proper research on poker sites recommended for African players to be on the safer side.

How Do You Choose The Safest Online Poker Site For African Players?

  • Look out for Online Poker sites that have been granted licenses from the following commissions: UK Gambling Commission, Alderney Gambling Control Commission, Alderney Gambling Control Commission, and Isle of Man Casino Control Commission. These licensing jurisdictions offer you the highest standards of protection and security when playing online poker.
  • Players are strongly advised to steer clear of any poker sites which have been granted a license by the Antiqua Directorate of Offshore Gambling and the Government of Curacao. These legal jurisdictions do not offer great protection and security to online poker players.
  • Be wary of unknown sites and only use sites that have a good review and rating and have been recommended for African players.
  • Make sure you examine all in-game security and privacy features that the online poker site offers.
  • Only use poker websites that are regulated for fair play. The details of regulation policies and methods used for ensuring fairness would be given on the security information tab of each website.
  • Protect your personal details such as your name, address and bank details. Make sure you send such sensitive information only through secured pages.

Merits Of Playing Poker Games Online

One of the benefits of playing poker games online is that a player gets to choose stakes that they are comfortable with. Irrespective of your budget, most online poker sites will offer their players a chance to take part in tournaments and play cash games. You get to decide the amount you want to wager and do not have to place big stakes.

Online poker sites host regular tournaments that have guaranteed prize pools. These offer you a chance to earn huge amounts as the prize pools can reach up to millions of Rand. Apart from these great prize pools, online poker sites offer their players exciting welcome bonuses and free cash to new players.

It is extremely easy to avail of these bonuses as one simply has to sign up and make their first deposit to. Regular players are given frequent cashback offers and free entries.

Online poker allows players to play against both, skilled as well as easy opponents. Playing poker against easy opponents does help one win games and benefit the players in the long run. However, if one wants to test their skills, then the players have the option to play against better players and test your skills or learn from your mistakes. There is scope to better your game and your strategy.

Players can join VIP programs and avail loyalty benefits. VIP schemes and Loyalty programs offer regular players with bigger bonuses, fast cashouts, and invitations to play world poker tournaments.

If you are an absolute beginner at poker and do not want to spend real money, online poker sites offer you options to play the game for free. Online poker sites will have a variety of poker games that one can play for free without having to deposit any real cash. It is a good way to practice and learn the basic rules of playing any poker game.

One of the best advantages of online poker is that it is easily accessible from your phones, tablets or computer. One can play with real money from the comfort of their homes at any time of the day. Online poker sites allow you to play against players from all across the globe. One need not have to worry about dressing up, travelling and spending some big bucks on stakes and food at a real offline casino set-up.

Tips For Playing Casino Poker Online

  • Practice

Before you wager real money on a game, it is best to play a couple of practice rounds or go through a tutorial to understand the tools and workings of a game.

  • Use Strategies

The best way to increase your chances of winning online is to use strategies instead of just blindly relying on luck. Strategy guides and videos are available online and can help you learn some basic strategies. Strategy tutorials and tips are available for all types of players ranging from beginners all the way up to advanced players.

  • Small Bets In The Beginning

If you're a beginner or someone who does not have a strategy in place, the best thing to do during games is to place small bets. You will not lose out on much money and will have a chance to develop your strategy the more you play.

  • Reflect and Analyze

Online poker games allow users to look back at the moves and hands of their last game. This option allows users to reflect on the mistakes they made in the past and determine whether they are doing well or badly at games. There is room for improvement, and a player can always be aware of his weak points and try to work on not making the same mistakes again.

  • Be Patient

The game of poker is not about immediate wins and is about the longer race. A poker player must not expect to win immediately and often. Poker takes a lot of practice, and one must be patient to get dealt a good hand.

Poker offers you to learn from the mistakes in the past, so in the long run, you can make sure that you are not just playing based on luck but on the basis of your strategies and poker skills. Once you get the hang of the way the game works and have different strategies at hand, it is easy to develop a winning habit even if you are dealt a bad hand. You can become a master at bluffing if you have enough experience.

Poker is a game that is a lot of fun and involves a lot of strategies and skilful decisions. You should always remember that it is a slightly slow game, and even if you do not start winning immediately, you can always cover-up over the course of the game. Be sure not to get over-excited and go all-in right in the beginning. The trick to playing poker is very simple. Play slowly, but make sure you are playing smartly.

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