Online Betting On Cricket In Africa


Cricket Betting In AfricaThe popularity of betting on cricket in recent years has seen a sharp increase, with thousands of punters placing wagers each year.

With competitions taking place all year round across the globe, we have numerous opportunities to place bets and win big on online cricket betting. Best online betting sites have this sport always on the list. 

Wagering on cricket across Africa is a newer phenomenon, so we have dedicated this article to provide you with a background into everything cricket across the continent.  

Best Cricket Betting Sportsbooks In Africa 2024

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Cricket Across The African Continent 

The African Cricket Association (ACA) is the governing body of cricket across the whole continent. The ACA currently has 22 member associates. They are tasked with the administration, promotion and development of cricket across 20 member countries. South Africa and Zimbabwe are governed by their own associations because they both play cricket at the highest level and compete against other recognised nations around the world in Test Matches, One Day Internationals (ODIs) and Twenty Twenties (T20s).

Namibia and Kenya are associate countries that have also played in competitions on a global level. They have both appeared in the ODI World Cup, but they haven’t qualified for the tournament in the last few years.

Other notable associate members that have a promising future are Nigeria and Uganda.

Cricket Betting Markets In Kenya, Nigeria, etc.

Sportsbooks have seized on the opportunity of the ever-increasing popularity of cricket across Africa, by increasing the number of markets that they offer on each game. This allows us to place wagers on a whole array of outcomes during each game.

The most popular markets on offer are as follows:

  • Match Winner – which team will win the upcoming match outright.
  • Total Runs Scored – how many runs will be scored during the entire game by both teams combined. You can also bet on how many runs will be scored by each individual team. This is an over / under market and is primarily used in the ODI and T20 formats.
  • Player Matchups – this is a relatively new market on offer by sportsbooks and involves you wagering on the performance of 2 individual players. For example, India is playing South Africa in an ODI match, you may be offered to choose who will score the most runs out of Virat Kohli and Quinten De Kock.

If you would like more detail into the other cricket betting types available to us, then please refer to our specialist cricket betting markets article which highlights all the ones that we can wager on.

Best Cricket Betting Bookmaker – Choosing the Right One

There are a vast number of online sportsbooks being set up, as each company tries to take a percentage of the enormous online sports betting market.

It is extremely important that you sign up to a reputable sportsbook that offers quick and easy deposits and withdrawals, consistently good odds (each sportsbook differs in the odds that they offer) and one that offers a wide variety of markets to bet on.

If you need help finding the best betting site for you, then please refer to our in-depth online sportsbooks reviews that are available to bettors across Africa.

Top Cricket Betting Competitions 

Cricket is split up into 3 different formats. Each format has its own tournaments and leagues and each one varies in popularity amongst fans and punters.

Bet On Cricket Online In AfricaThe three formats are highlighted below:

1. Test Cricket – this is the original format and is played across a certain number of days. Each team aims to bowl out their opponents twice whilst trying to score more runs than them. This format can result in a draw, so be careful when betting on this format because certain factors can have a massive effect on the outcome – mainly weather! Test cricket competitions include the CSA 4-Day Franchise Series which is played in South Africa and the Logan Cup which takes place in Zimbabwe.

2. ODIs - each team has 50 overs to score as many runs as possible to beat their opponent. The most notable ODI competition is the World Cup, but there several tournaments that take place across Africa:

    • East Africa Cup – competed by teams in Kenya and Uganda.
    • Pro50 Championship – played in Zimbabwe.
    • Momentum One Day Cup – contested by teams within South Africa.

3. T20s – twenty over cricket is fast becoming the number one format for both viewers and punters. This is mainly due to the high octane and fast-paced action that occurs during each innings. Players aim to score runs as quickly as possible which results in many 4s and 6s being hit. Bets are settled quicker in this format (especially compared to Test Matches), and punters get a lot more joy cheering on their bets during the smaller format. T20 competitions taking place across Africa include:

    • Mzansi Super League – the premier T20 tournament across the whole continent, played by franchises in South Africa. This was set up following the huge success of the Indian Premier League.
    • East Africa Premier League – teams from Kenya and Uganda compete to be crowned the winners.
    • Stanbic Bank 20 Series – T20 league played in Zimbabwe.

There are several other competitions taking place within the other member associate countries, but the ones highlighted above are the most well-known across Africa.

Now it is time for you to choose which format you prefer and start to place wagers on the upcoming games.

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