Soccer Betting Online In Africa


Soccer Betting Online In AfricaSoccer is one of the most popular sports in Africa. First introduced more than 100 years ago by French, British, Belgian, and Portuguese colonialists, the sport has grown into popularity and it’s now played in almost all countries in the continent. The appeal of soccer is understandable. It’s a sport that’s accessible and you don’t need complex resources. All you need is a flat field, four poles (or rocks) for goal-posts, and a ball. It’s fun and accessible because you can play it anywhere, and by almost anyone, that’s healthy and competitive. These are the reasons why soccer is huge in Africa.

Now, this popularity also extends to soccer betting that now dominates the regulated gambling industry in the region. The appeal and popularity of betting in Africa is supported by a growing number of laws that allow soccer betting. As long as you register and bet in regulated African online sportsbooks, you’re good to go.

Is It Legal To Bet On Soccer In Africa?

Just like in other regions, soccer betting and sports betting, in general, are popular in Africa and it’s a contentious issue as well. Although at the start there were concerns about the possible effects of sports betting on individuals, many African countries soon found the value in these leisure activities. To ensure that African punters are protected, several state laws were passed. Some of the countries that now legally allow soccer betting are Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya. 

In South Africa, regulated sports betting was formally allowed in 1994. After the passage of the law, several retail sportsbooks were established in South Africa. And these retail bookmakers accept horse racing and soccer bets, two of the most popular sports in Africa. Aside from these retail shops, there are also online sports betting sites that accept soccer bets from South African punters and other players from Africa. Right now, there are more than 300 sportsbooks in South Africa so there are several options to consider. However, soccer betting rules are a state subject, which means that each state has a set of rules that govern sports betting. And if you’re from other African countries, specific rules may also apply.

Best Soccer Betting Sites In Africa

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Choosing The Right Bookmaker In Africa

The quality of your sports betting experience is defined by several factors, with the choice of the sportsbook as the most critical. As a player, it’s important that you review, compare, and choose the right bookmaker that will accept a soccer bet. This is where this website can help. As the leading destination for betting soccer resources online, we help punters and soccer enthusiasts get the tools and resources they need to improve the sports betting experience. Also, we connect punters with the best and reliable soccer betting sportsbooks. To create a list of the best soccer betting sites, we review based on the following parameters.

  • Licenses and certifications. Online sportsbooks should be licensed offshore and accepts soccer betting transactions from players from South Africa. Also, these sites should be fully encrypted through SSL encryption and boast a Random Number Generator (RNG) that’s regularly checked and tested.
  • Bonuses and promotions. Your sports betting experience becomes exciting if you have access to betting promotions and bonuses. For example, free bets let you wager on soccer teams without using your bankroll. Other bookmakers will also offer boosted soccer odds and deposit bonuses which can enhance the betting experience.
  • Wide payment options. A great sportsbook is one that accepts a wide range of banking options. For payments, the popular sportsbooks now accept Visa, Mastercard, e-wallets, and bank transfers as the primary payment options. If possible, look for an African bookmaker that accepts local currencies, including the South African Rand.
  • Professional customer support. As a responsible player, it’s important that you should professional support your bookmaker. The soccer betting sites should provide multiple payment channels and available 24/7.

If you can compare soccer betting sites based on these parameters, then it’s easier for you to find value bets and wager responsibly. On this page, you will find a long list of soccer betting sites that publish competitive soccer odds, betting tools, and provide the best promotions and security for all types of punters.

Popular Soccer Bets To Play In African Sportsbooks

Just like in other sports, soccer betting also provides different ways on how to bet on match outcomes. Before you sign up and play, check out the following bet types you can play in popular African betting sites.

  • Match result - This is the most popular bet to play where you simply select a team that will win at the end of the match. In most betting sites, this is also called the Win/Draw/Win market since there are three possible outcomes.
  • Correct score - This is a more challenging way to bet on soccer matches since you’re predicting the score at the end of the normal time (90 minutes). There are several scorelines that you can choose from thus the odds of winning one outcome are high. We only recommend this type of soccer bet if you’re confident with the performance or form of the team or you have studied their past results.
  • Half time/Full time - In many sportsbooks, this is called the double result where you bet on the result at both the half time and the full time.
  • Draw No Bet - This works like the match result soccer bet but there’s an option for a draw. You can bet on either soccer team to win and if you place your money on a draw and you’re correct, you get your stake back.
  • Double chance - This also works with the DNB with the draw. Here, you will pick one from 3 options: team 1 to win or draw, team 1 or 2 to win or team win or team 2 to win or draw. This offers you a safe way to place soccer bets but it comes with reduced payouts due to lower risks.
  • Total Goals or Over/under - This is a two-option bet wherein you predict whether the total score will fall over or under a target number. For example, the bookmaker will identity a betting line of 2.5 goals. Under this betting line, you will bet whether the final score will fall over or under this number. To win your over 2.5 bet, the total goals in the match should be 3 or more. And to win the under 2.5 soccer bet, the total goals in the match should not exceed 2.0!

Popular Soccer Leagues To Bet On

Aside from knowing the soccer bets to play, you should also consider the different leagues where you can place your soccer bets. Here’s a quick look at the most popular soccer betting leagues to follow and bet on.

  • English Premier League - As the name suggests, it’s a premier league in Europe and counts some of the best teams in the business. During busy soccer betting weekends, punters can place watch betting soccer odds or place their bets on Manchester United and Liverpool among others.
  • Champions League - The UEFA Champions League is one of the world’s premier leagues in soccer. As the most prestigious in the region, this is plated by the national league champions and other national soccer associations.
  • La Liga - This is Spain’s premier league for soccer. The best team from this league is Barcelona where Lionel Messi currently plays.
  • Bundesliga - This is the top soccer league in Germany and counts on 18 teams that fight in the promotion and relegation system.
  • PSL - In Africa, punters can also count on the Premier Soccer League of South Africa. 

Are You Ready to Place Your Soccer Bets Today?

Soccer offers you an exciting and colourful way to bet, and this can be seen in the different leagues to follow and the different soccer bets to play. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned punter following the betting soccer industry, there’s a specific type of soccer bet that can work for you.

But before you bet on soccer, make sure to check our complete guide to soccer betting. As your leading destination for all things related to pre-match or live soccer betting, we provide you with the best bet soccer tools and resources that can help improve your experience. We offer soccer betting tips, guides on soccer odds, and we also list the best soccer betting sites that accept real money bets from African punters.

Check our complete list of African soccer betting sites today and discover a fun and safe way to place your soccer bets!

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