Bonus Playthrough Requirements At Online Casinos In Africa


With the popularity and success of real money casinos in Africa and around the world, the operators have come up with exciting bonuses and promotions to attract potential players to their websites. These bonuses offer a great incentive to players so that they can play their favourite games for a long time and enhance their chances to win. These bonuses come with strict terms and conditions such as expiry date and wagering requirements.

Wagering is also known as betting. The person who places bets is referred to as a bettor. When playing games at online casinos, the players place a wager to win.  The players are required to play with real money and place real bets to enjoy winnings. When the player wins the bet, he will receive the bet along with the winning amount.

Why Do Online Casinos Place Wagering Requirements On Bonuses?

Wagering requirements are also known as Playthrough Requirements, Rollover Requirements, and Spinthrough Requirements. Wagering requirements indicate the number of times the players need to place bets before withdrawing the winning amount.

Wagering Requirements are indicated by a combination of a letter (X) and numbers. A common example of the wagering requirements is X25 or X30.

Wagering requirements are like a hurdle that players must pass in order to withdraw their winning amount. You must be wondering what the use of wagering requirement is and why online casinos place them on their bonuses. Let’s find out the answer.

Online casinos offer a plethora of casino bonuses such as a welcome bonus, no deposit bonus, reload bonus, and so on. A few of these bonuses are only meant for new players while other bonuses can be claimed by regular players.

A typical welcome bonus offered by an online casino looks like this, a 100% bonus up to $500 and 40 Free Spins. This means that when you deposit $100, you get another $100 as a bonus, making a total of $200. This looks like an enticing offer and may subject to ‘Bonus Abuse’ by some of the players. They will most likely withdraw the money without placing more bets and playing games at the casino. This could eventually lead to a massive loss to the casinos.

In order to reduce the risk and make casino gaming entertaining and valuable for all, the casinos put the wagering requirements on their bonuses. Because of the WR, the casinos are able to keep their bonuses safe and can offer generous rewards and prizes to sincere players. 

The basic idea of the casino is to offer an extra amount of money so that they can enjoy more and play for a long time without investing a lot of money in the beginning.

How Does Wagering Requirement Work?

Online casinos generally place the wagering requirements on the bonus amount, or both the deposited amount and the bonus amount. This can make a big difference to the overall wagering requirements, and therefore, you must check this condition before claiming the bonus.

Suppose, the wagering requirements of a 100% bonus of up to $500 are X25, and you deposited $100 so you will receive $100 more, which means $200 in total. You will need to complete this wagering requirement before withdrawing the winnings.

If the WR is only applicable to the bonus amount, you will need to place total bets of (100X25) $2,500. However, if the WR applies to the deposited and the bonus amount, you will need to place total bets of (200X25) $5,000. Now, you can see the difference in the number of bets when the WR is applied on the bonus amount and when the WR is applied on the bonus and deposited amount.

Every online casino has its own terms and conditions regarding the wagering requirements. Therefore, it is suggested that you go through the fine prints to grasp the rules to make the most of the bonuses. In general, wagering requirements up to X30 are considered good while those that are more than X40 are considered bad.

Things That You Must Know About Wagering Requirements

  • Know the time-limit for completing wagering requirements: You must check if wagering requirements are worthwhile for you or not. You will need to go through the terms and conditions of the WR and find out if it has a time limit. Some casino operators often set the expiry period and the players must complete the wagering requirements within this time. The time limit can be a few weeks or months. Suppose the casino requires the players to meet the wagering requirement within 30 days, then you must play the bonus amount within this period to avoid the bonus from forfeiting.
  • WR on Bonus Amount or Deposited Amount: Some casinos place wagering requirements only on the offered bonus amount while some casinos place WR on both the deposited and the bonus amount. You must check this condition before using claiming the bonus.
  • The Allowed Maximum Bet: You must check the maximum bet that you can put to fulfill the WR. The operators don’t allow the players to put bigger bets. Usually, the maximum allowed bet is $5.
  • Check Game Weighting:  Casino operators fix the percentage contributed by the games for completing the WR. Some casinos only allow the slots to contribute 50% to the wagering while games such as table games contribute 100%. When the game contributes only 50%, it means that only half of your placed bet on the concerned game is considered towards wagering.

When claiming bonuses at online casinos, make sure that you go through various restrictions including the wagering requirements so that you use the bonus in your favour. 

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